NG Balance Band

Thousands of satisfied customers have experienced relief from pain in their neck, shoulders, back, wrist, hips and knees caused by Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia and old injuries. Their instant improvement in strength and balance helps them perform simple daily tasks with greater ease. If you play golf, tennis, soccer, run, or exercise, the improvement in strength and balance will help you perform at you peak. Get a NEW GENERATION BALANCE (NGB) BAND and turn back the hands of time.

How it Works

A medical research paper titled Frequency Charge Object Study concludes that the new generation "band is significantly effective at increasing strength and endurance." This published study is available for download as a PDF file. Visit our How It Works page for an explanation about the effects of charged objects on humans.

Money Back Guarantee

Golf BandThe NG Balance Band is not a food or drug and is not regulated or approved by the FDA. All claims and results stated are those of thousands of satisfied customers. We want everyone that purchases a NG Balance Band to be satisfied and to feel better. If you buy our NG Balance Band and are not completely satisfied with the results within seven days, you can return the band with proof of purchase. We will refund the purchase price.


Live Pain Free

Within days of wearing the New Generation Balance Band, your joint pain begins to diminish. Within a week you will experience less pain and greater flexibility, allowing you to perform daily activities at home, work or sports, like you did years ago...

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Improve Strength and Balance

Helps to re-establish your body's best flexibility, balance and strength. Improve your performance at golf, tennis, baseball, weightlifting and all sports. Thousands of satisfied customers declare that their NGB Band helps improve their strength, balance, and the ability to perform daily functions such as getting out of a chair, walking and more...

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Money Back Guarantee